• The expertise to convert your assets into IIoT machines, and turn big data into smart solutions
  • Collaborate through different platforms and service models
  • Supporting your energy transition strategy by maximizing efficiency, and reducing emissions with digital applications
  • Features
  • Advanced at-edge sensors and controls that improve the reliability, efficiency, safety, and OPEX of your critical equipment
  • Specialized edge-to-cloud applications run remotely through our iCenter Advanced Services to increase turbine efficiency
  • 20-year monitoring and diagnostics heritage of turning big data into deep insights that improve performance and reduce emissions
  • Applications
  • Upstream, midstream, and downstream oil and gas
  • Industrial, and combined heat and power
  • Overview


    Expert people and smart data are the core of our digital services for turbomachinery applications, and we continually invest to enhance our engineering capabilities in three macro areas:

  • Protect: increasing reliability, and reducing unplanned outage
  • Produce: optimizing your operations to increase productivity and efficiency, while reducing emissions
  • Plan: improving the effectiveness and flexibility of planned maintenance
  • Our smart software and service solutions can be deployed on your local control systems, and remotely with edge-to-cloud solutions. In doing so, we convert your industrial assets into “IIoT machines” that can have an exponential impact on your plant performance. 


    Advanced edge sensors
  • Oil debris monitoring (ODM)
  • Flame tracker dry (FTD325)
  • Torsional vibration control system (TVCS)
  • Smart combustion dynamic monitoring system (SCDM)

    Edge software
  • Synthetic flame detector (SFD)
  • Interactive human-machine interface (iHMI)
  • High-load premix transfer (HLPT)

    Edge hardware
  • Mark VI to Mark VIe control system migration
  • Mark VIe controls for fire and gas system

    Edge-to-cloud services
  • Efficiency optimizer
  • Portable emissions measurement system (PEMS)

    iCenter advanced digital services


  • Health index
  • Thrust bearing load
  • Pilot
  • Remote tuning
  • Trip reduction program


  • Spinning reserve
  • Water wash optimization
  • Centrifugal compressor operating point
  • Filter change advisory
  • Power peak
  • Carbon optimizer*


  • Operating profile
  • DLE health status
  • Dynamic L1
  • Centrifugal compressor flexible maintenance*
  • Maintenance optimizer*

    * under development

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