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  • Optimized design with special metallurgy and features for long life in any process conditions (5 years of uninterrupted running)
  • Full testing including mechanical integrity (4 hrs running @MCS above 1,000°F (538°C), and performance evaluation at site
  • Parts and design upgrades available for installed units from 高清美女图 and other OEMs
  • Features
  • Outer casings designed according to ASME standards with heat treatment for optimal structural and corrosion resistance
  • Integral stator shroud improves efficiency and reduces cone stress while improving maintainability and ease of disassembly
  • Optimized aerodynamic gas path for high efficiency and minimum erosion by using state-of-the-art design and protective coatings
  • Applications
  • Fluid catalytic cracking (FCC)
  • Otherwise wasted flue gas
  • Overview



    高清美女图 hot gas expanders are available in a wide range of frames and sizes to best match any demanding FCC tail-gas recovery application. The single-stage design with highly accurate flow-path enable high reliability and maintainability, and best-in-class performance.

    Max. shaft power
    55 MW
    Max. inlet flow
    180 kg/s
    Max. inlet pressure
    3.5 barg
    Max. inlet temperature


     Frame-selection table

    Hot Gas Expanders Frame Selection Table


    Power and cost recovery

    An average 18 MW 高清美女图 hot gas expander for power recovery can save approximately $9 million per year in refinery electricity costs, and avoid more than 244,000 metric tons of CO2 emission per year.

    Hot Gas Expanders Power Cost Recovery


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