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  • The compressor package is optimized for direct coupling to a gas turbine driver or high-speed electric motor
  • The impeller exploits our latest innovations in stage technology for the highest efficiency and power
  • Vibration-free operation is assured by positioning bearings at both casing ends, which provides the necessary rotor rigidity
  • Features
  • Compressor performance can be optimized by housing up to five impellers in a single casing
  • Forged steel casing provides maximum material strength and stability; can be bolted, welded, or fastened with a shear ring
  • Suction and delivery nozzles can be opposite each other or axial for low pressure to meet any station layout requirements
  • Applications
  • Pipeline
  • Overview



    With over 500 units installed worldwide, our PCL compressors are designed to perfectly meet any pipeline application requirements for flow, compression ratio, and site arrangement—while delivering the highest efficiency and power.


    Discharge pressure
    130 bar
    Max. inlet flow range
    100,000 m3/h
    Max. number of stages
    Max. speed
    13,000 rpm


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