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  • Suited to the highest flow rates, providing polytropic efficiency exceeding 90%
  • Variable stator vane can move from to +10° to -35°, enabling wide operating flow range even with a fixed-speed motor driver
  • Standard airfoil configuration for all frames and sizes optimizes aerodynamic and mechanical behaviour up to 7:1 pressure ratio
  • Features
  • AN series for LNG applications can operate with flow up to 250,000 m³/h with up to 15 stages
  • AX series for flows over 450,000 m³/h; scalable to any driver size for air compression, CO₂ separation, nitric acid processes
  • Applications
  • Refinery catalytic cracking
  • Air compression
  • Sweet/sour gas to liquid application
  • Overview



    高清美女图 AN and AX axial compressors are based on decades of experience with over a million running hours. All AN and AX units can manage the highest flow rates and provide high polytropic efficiency to guarantee plant flexibility with a fixed-speed driver. Complete standard configurations ensure optimum blade-row behavior even with high pressure ratioses.


    Discharge pressure
    25 bar
    18 bar
    Inlet flow range
    Up to 200,000 m3/h
    Over 450,000 m3/h
    Pressure ratio
    3:1 to 7:1
    3:1 to 7:1
    LNG processes
    Air separations, CO2 separation, nitric acid processes
    AN 200, AN 250
    AX 100, AX 200, AX 300, AX 450+


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