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  • BHC3 Sensor Health

    Manage sensor health for oilfields

    BHC3 Sensor Health

    Manage sensor health for pipelines

    BHC3 Sensor Health

    Manage sensor health for refineries

    Ensure Optimal Deployment and Operational Health of IoT Sensor Devices

    BHC3™ Sensor Health ensures the operational effectiveness of IoT devices and network infrastructure during both the deployment and the operational life cycle of IoT devices.



    Executive dashboard

    Visualize sensor status, deployment progress and geographic regions of concern, as well as access a prioritized view of sensors with identified health issues.
    Sensor Deployment

    Sensor deployment

    Identify sensor deployment issues, diagnose the sources of sensor malfunctions, optimize field service and forecast future deployment progress.
    Sensor device reconciliation

    Sensor device reconciliation

    Ensure device installation information is correct, consistent and current across source and cloud data systems.
    Network health and sensor exceptions

    Health and sensor exceptions

    Monitor and analyze physical integrity, functionality and communications from sensor devices to optimize field service and issue resolution.
    Geospatial intelligence

    Geospatial intelligence

    Visualize planned sensor deployment, actual deployment and provisioning progress, device operational issues and trends, and service work priorities.
    Reporting and ad hoc analyses

    Reporting and ad hoc analyses

    Present analyses and summarize results using preformatted and custom reports, including failure analysis, health analysis, identified and realized value, and financial performance against budget.



    Analyze sensor health data from multiple sources and systems, such as network communication, device data management and customer systems.


    Visualize sensor deployment progress or health in an interactive, geospatial view of assets, device health metrics and tool tips.


    Access network communication data to analyze, identify and fix network problems and affected meters.


    Identify root causes of failure and get recommendations to address them.


    Create a single, continuously updated and prioritized work queue of installation and maintenance work orders to increase efficiency and effectiveness.


    Locate sensors and remotely identify sensor configuration and location mismatches to ensure that the sensor is at the correct location and configured properly.


    Assess device reconciliation issues to resolve errors related to provisioning errors and problems with customer, asset or communications systems.


    Generate a prioritized list of devices requiring field investigation or maintenance with a health index score and supporting details to facilitate diagnosis or repair.


    Track performance reports of deployment and provisioning performance.


    Reduce operational expenses by reconciling installation and provisioning issues, improving office and field investigation efficiency, as well as isolating network problems.


    Improve customer satisfaction through reduced device interruptions, rapid resolution of configuration issues, and improved service scheduling workflows.

    Data Sources

    BHC3 Sensor Health leverages the BHC3™ AI Suite to integrate and analyze data from multiple disparate systems including IoT device data, head-end data from communication systems, asset management systems (AMS), global information systems (GIS), work order systems, customer relationship management systems (CRM), installation vendor data and third-party data like weather information.

    During sensor deployment, BHC3 Sensor Health identifies and reconciles problems, prioritizes remediation efforts, and enables the effective management of third-party vendors. During the ongoing operation of the sensor network, BHC3 Sensor Health uses advanced machine learning algorithms that continuously improve over time to identify sensor issues with increasing precision, predict sensor failures and ensure the efficient operation of the sensor network.

    Model-driven architecture for BHC3 Sensor Health

    Proven results in weeks, not years

    Get insights into BHC3 capabilities, enterprise AI best practices and highest-value use cases.
    Understand BHC3™ AI Suite's capabilities, its model-driven architecture and test it against your company's sample data set.
    Identify a high-impact business problem and collaborate with the BHC3 team to rapidly build an AI application that solves it.
    Scale and deploy a tested BHC3 application into production. Incorporate user feedback and optimize algorithms to drive maximum economic value.

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